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Vintage XR75 Motorcycle performance Parts

Complete the restoration of your vintage Honda XR75 racer with high-performance parts from XR Mini Racer Inc.—we also offer restoration services. From complete racing engines to trick aluminum parts and oil coolers, we offer a wide range of mini racer parts to finish off your XR75. Contact us to place an order.

CNC-Machined Trick 6061T6 Aluminum Parts Include

Oval/Round Brake Stays • Oval/Round Motor Mounts • Mounting Hardware
Front Number Plate Holders • Quick Change Counter-Shaft Sprocket Covers

Tubular Case Savers

 Customized to Fit Your XR75 & Give It a Complete Look
Include Tubular Skid Plates (Use with Motor Mounts & Mounting Kit for a Proper Fit)

Other Parts Include:

• 22mm Mikuni Pre-Jetted Carburetors
- For Modified XR75s
• OEM Reproduction Handlebars
- Chrome 1973-1976
• Lockhart-Type Oil Coolers
- Horizontal Mount
• PK Racing-Type Oil Coolers
- Vertical Mount

HondA XR 75 Performance Pipes

Replica style racing megaphone pipes from a lot of the major brands from the 70s, style types include PK style, Skyway, Jeff Ward, J&B, XMR All pipes come as complete pipe kits including all mounting hardware, machined aluminum exhaust flange, all-aluminum bracketry for swing arm pivot and pipe hanger brackets. Old school catalogs are shown for display only, they are not for sale. These are replica style exhausts, hand fabricated by XR mini racer.

At right the infamous skyway replica power pipe kit. Only the hardcore mini-cycle action subscriber will remember these a unique power pipe and a great performer in its own way, with the elongated power core.

Skyway Pipes

Jeff Ward Pipe Kit

One of the favorites old school J.W.R.P replica power pipe kit. Tried and true, one of the best!

J.W.R.P Motorcycle

PK replica performance pipe kit. Another hard-hitting pipe! All pipe kits come with complete mounting hardware pictured. Pivot hanger, rear cone hanger, finned aluminum exhaust flange,2, 6mm nuts and 2 machined pipe inserts, catalogs are not for sale years 73-76 77-79 always specify year upon ordering.

PK Replica Performance Pipe Kit

Performance Pipe Kit

At left (TDS )Traditional XR MINI RACER down swept performance pipe kit. An excellent hard-hitting pipe. Specify year 73-76 77-79

At right XR MINI RACER SNAKE PIPE KIT, this one comes also with a dual-action stainless steel spring at the connecting surfaces for a sure snug fit, also a wrap-around megaphone cone for ultimate trick look and performance.

Mini Racer Parts

J&B Racing Equipment

At left, J&B replica performance pipe very close in design to the J.W.R.P pipe the difference being the J.W.R.P cone configuration is 1 1/2 inches longer than this unit. Both are top-notch performers.

XMR high-performance intake manifold years 73-76

Intake Manifold

XR Mini Racer high performance 50mm  and 54mm forged piston kits made in the USA specifically built for us by wiseco performance 11:5:1 compression for stroker and regular applications ultra high quality.

Pre jetted Honda XR75 22mm Mikuni Racing Carburetors

Mikuni Carburetors

Honda XR75 Aluminum Air Caps with Stainless Steel Air Inserts

Steel Air Inserts

XR75 Monoshock

The latest from XR mini racer, our new ALUMINUM BOX STYLE swing arm. 1 3/4 inches longer than stock. Constructed with the finest aluminum materials comes with bushings already pressed in chain rail and chain buffer. Fits 73-78 and later dual shock models, super trick and weighs only 3 pounds!

Heavy-duty Barnett racing clutch kits with cryo-dize friction plates and ultra pressure heavy-duty clutch springs 73-78 and later years.

Racing Clutch Kit

Adjustable Aluminum Aircraft

The latest from XR MINI RACER our new fully adjustable aluminum aircraft quality Heim joint brake stays complete free floating no more binding like stocker pictured on bottom, perfect for all applications 73-all dual shock years.

Now in stock the ultimate CDI for the XR75 73-78 and other years. This PVL analog ignition will add tremendous revs and ultimate power. A must for any serious build, complete advance and retard to tailor the powerband for any type of track. The ultimate in CDI racing ignitions.

PVL Analog Ignition

Aluminum Exhaust Flanges

New! Super trick XMR 8 shooter machined/finned/drilled aluminum exhaust flanges get that heat out fast, keep that exhaust valve cool on that big bore XR.

Werk's performance shocks, custom-built for your XR75. Riding type, weight, beginner to pro. If you want it done right werks is the way to go, custom set-ups engineered with our swingarms, call for pricing.

Performance Shocks